26 April 2010


I've taken a break from unpacking boxes to immerse myself in the revisions which arrived in my inbox on Friday. As suspected, they're numerous and mainly focus on that tricky little sucker: strong emotional conflict.

At the moment there isn't much development of the stuff, and I haven't made the most of the themes that I've introduced. I'm relying too much on external pressures, and my characters are bickering when they should be getting to know each other. Annoyingly enough, some of the scenes I altered as being too coincidental might turn out not to have been, and my original beginning probably is the right place to start. If I'd gone with my gut instinct instead of overthinking things and endlessly fiddling around, I suspect I could have saved myself a whole lot of trouble.

I think/hope that some of this can be solved by restructuring. The rest needs to be rewritten. Ugh. Still, daunting though the amount of work I have to do is, it's kind of exciting as I know the story will be much better for it. Let's just hope the baby (due in ten days) stays where it is for a while!


Jackie Ashenden said...

Argh, not quite what you want to be dealing with now is it? Yeah, that old emotional conflict is a killer eh? And I too overthink things endlessly. But great that you'll have a better story out of it. I'm sure it'll be worth the work.

Stay there baby! :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Ten days! So exciting! Hopefully baby is already well behaved and will stay put ;)

Maisey said...

In my experience, babies never come on time. But I won't tell you how early mine were...

Anyway...revisions. I can related. I had killer revs on this last MS. It's hard not to overthink, especially when you've had revisions before.

But you can do it! And in the end, it's always worth it, even if it's hard.

Rachael Johns said...

Ten days - MY that's gone fast! I won't tell ya that one of mine came 5 weeks early and another one 3 and a 1/2 weeks early :) Although you're past those dates!

Great to hear you so excited about revisions!!! Good luck and happy rewriting!

Lucy King said...

Um, it turns out I can't count, so I actually have another week in the bag. Not that it makes much difference. Am in a complete dither about these revs - can't work out where to start! Tearing hair out seems a good place.

Maisey said...

You have my total sympathy and empathy, Lucy. I've had major revs on all three of mine. You aren't alone. And, offer still stands, any time you need anything, yell. Unless it's to change a diaper, because I've got enough to change over here. *g*

Suzanne Jones said...

Goodness, not long to go now. Will be thinking of you.


joanne pibworth said...

Lots of Luck Lucy, for both the revisions and the baby. :o)

Your pregnancy seems to have flown by, looking forward to reading your happy announcement soon.