24 March 2010

Bye bye, plot device

Hooray! I think I've found a way around my rather coincidental beginning. Not only does the new opening scene provide a better reason for my main characters to meet, it has the added bonus of my hero putting in an appearance on page 1 instead of waiting until Chapter 2.

Even though I'm under no illusion that it's perfect - or won't change - after the traumas of the last couple of days (on Monday the 1000 words I'd written on Sunday mysteriously disappeared and yesterday my laptop with a morning's work on it suddenly died) this is a relief indeed!


Rachael Johns said...

Seems that plot devices are out all over the place! But I'm so curious to know what it was!?

Commiserations on the lost work. I've had that happen and it SUCKS!!!

How's that bump going btw?

Lucy King said...

Am a bit worried the plot device may still be there, just buried under my shiny new scene!

The bump is going great - nearly 34wks now. It's getting a bit uncomfortable to sit at a desk so I tend to write from my bed. That's my excuse anyway :)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Yay for no plot device! It's great when it all starts working eh?

Maisey said...

Wait...BUMP?? How did I not know about a bump?? As in...the kind of bump that ends up crying a lot and demanding constant feedings and never letting you put it down??

Just had one of those myself a couple months back!


Maisey said...

Apparently I don't pay attention...*sheepish*

Invest in a moby wrap or comparable device. Then you can type and cuddle the bundle. :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Maisey's got it all worked out :) Not long to go now!

Lucy King said...

Jackie, it is great when it all comes together. And there's nothing quite like leaving it til the last minute is there ;)

A moby wrap - good idea. Sounds like it's just what I need!

Maisey said...

Haha...well, Maisey has three three and under. :-) And a very demanding Princess Peach who needs constant cuddles!! Moby wraps are a lifesaver. They can breastfeed in them as well. Face out, cuddle up. And you can still do things! A must for writers and moms who have a baby and two constantly moving boys!!

Suzanne Jones said...

Goodness - 34 weeks. Time's just flying by. Maisey gives good advice. XX