26 February 2010

Treading water

Goodness, has it really been nearly two weeks since my last post?

Real Life has recently got in the way of writing, in the shape of being given notice on the flat we've rented for the past four years. The hassle of finding somewhere new, packing up and moving (with an ever-increasing pregnancy bump) is not altogether conducive to wordflow. Agh.

But I shall perservere. With a deadline in a month, I don't have much choice!


Suzanne Jones said...

Remember to take care of yourself, too - pregnancy is tiring even without a house move and deadline in the equation.


Lacey Devlin said...

Urgh to the moving! The very word makes me break out in a cold sweat ;). I hope your new place is fabulous. I bet Baby will love it :) Take care!

Lucy King said...

Have decided Denial is probably the best place to live at the mo ;)

Also trying to rebuild a house, which, given Spanish bureaucracy, has been, um, challenging.

Nothing like being kept busy, right?!

joanne pibworth said...

Sounds like your plate is FULL Lucy! Lots of luck for the move and making your deadline.
Hope you get time to relax too though, take it easy. x

Kerrin said...

Good luck Lucy!
We got the letter from our landlord to move out from our rental after being in it for 3.5 years just before christmas and then after new years looked for and found, bought and moved into a house in three weeks total! Phew that was tiring.
But i wasn't pregnant or have a deadline!