26 May 2009

Thank you!

First of all, I'd like to say a big heartfelt thank you to everyone for all your comments and support. You're all absolute stars.

Now that I've stopped wailing and tearing my hair out and have managed to drag myself off the funeral pyre that is Chapters 1-3, I'm getting stuck into the rewriting. And I'm actually quite enjoying it.

The editors were absolutely right, and most of their comments reflected what I'd already guessed. Basically my first three chapters fell into the trap of relying on sexual attraction cliches and didn't really identify the core conflicts of the characters. I'd also got too caught up in sparky banter and had kind of forgotten about motivations and consistent behaviour (which I think may well be the cause of the problems I've been having with a saggy middle). Oops.

The story now starts from a different point, the minor cocaine-themed subplot (which doesn't really fit in with 'fun sexy escapist read') is going to be replaced with anorexia-plus-a-fondness-for-appetite-suppressants-themed subplot, and I'm hoping the middle will turn out to be nice and toned.

Fingers crossed I've got it more right this time...


Jackie Ashenden said...

Wondered how you were getting on. Good for you for getting back into it, Lucy! Getting caught up in sparky banter is one of my bugbears too.
So what's with the sexual attraction cliches then? (she asks, madly thinking about her own sexual attraction cliches!). Do you have to address the internal conflict right from the get-go then?

Sounds like you're on the right track though.

Lacey Devlin said...

Intriguing subplot! Am so glad that you've managed to scramble over those dreaded first few chapters and are back to the enjoyment phase :)

Anonymous said...

That's OK. Would you like another cup of tea?

Mr King

Lorraine said...

I'm glad to hear things are going better and jealous that you have tea on tap from Mr King :-) V. good of him to take your pen name BTW!

Thanks for sharing more about the sexual cliche business. I suppose I can see how if the conflict and emotion isn't weaved in to the initial attraction that could stop it being unique. Must be so hard learning these lessons while under pressure though.

Did you see Kate Walker's post about the library edition of the Moderns coming out several months earlier than the paperbacks? Does this mean that your eagerly awaited first will be out in August in the UK???

Lucy King said...

Am never going to make my deadline. Having to beg for an extension isn't exactly my dream way of starting a writing career, but heyho.

The sexual attraction cliches basically involve lots of flirting and dirty dancing when that's not very consistent with the characters' characters. I seem to remember thinking I was falling into that trap a while back.

Not sure about the library editions of Moderns, Lorriane. Will investigate.

In the meantime, am still waiting for my tea...

Felicity Roger said...

Fantastic to hear that you are back on track and back in enjoyment phase again. And nice to know you have tea on tap. Good luck with dead line.